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Coleman Instant Tents at Affordable Prices! Camping made easy! Coleman Instant tents are the new and improved tents made to make camping easier! Instant tents from Coleman

Need an instant tent, yes you do! We have the coleman instant tents in stock and ready to ship just for you! Coleman instant tents are now available with rain flys (sold seperately) Coleman Instant tents will make your camping trip comfortable! More about our tents.

Purchase a Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent


 Coleman Instant Tent From Leacock Coleman Center

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 Coleman Instant Tent

Purchase a Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent


 Coleman Instant Tent From Leacock Coleman Center

If you are going on a camping trip and don't want to work more than you have to then this is the perfect tent for you! with a little practice you can have this tent set up in less than a minute. Then all you need to do is put the pegs in and you are ready to go! If you are by yourself it will take you a little longer to set up but it is still very simple! These tents are GREAT for any type of camping!

Coleman Instant Tents are One minute set up or take down, based on average set up time
Our easiest tent - poles are pre-attached to the tent,
Tent is fully taped,  Heavy duty, 150D fabric, twice the thickness of standard tent fabric
Rainfly for these tents are available!


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We have the Coleman 8 Person (2000007830), Coleman 6 Person (2000007831) and the coleman 4 Person (2000007832) Instant Tents. These Tents have been on the market for some time now and people really like them! Don't Wait! Buy your Coleman Instant Tent now while we have it in stock!

Listed below are some Reviews from people who purchased these AWESOME INSTANT tents:

By: Laura
Review Date: May 23, 2011

I received this tent just in time for our Cub Scout outing. Our neibour suggested that we get a tarp and use it as a rainfly. I did so, and was was very pleased. We were very cool to the point of being too cold! Even during the day, it remained very cool. I kept the windows open at all times. I also used a ceiling fan to prevent condensation. After we got home, I promtly set the tent back up and hosed it down. The inside was soaked with water. After mopping up the water, I was told there was a tornado warning. I immediately placed the tarp up, staked it down to my husband's surprise (LOL), and that tent held up beautifully! I am very happy with this tent, especially since I can put it up and take it down myself. The only thing I would suggest to Coleman is to have built-in rainfly.

By: Robin
Review Date: May 21, 2011

Awsome Tent, it really only takes 1 minute to set up and very nice to be able to stand up in and get dressed. We went on a cub scout camping trip and everyone was watching to see if it really set-up in 1 minute and see how easy it was to take is so easy to set-up & take down, but you need to leave some windows open for the take down because of how fast it goes down we had all windows closed and it was like a giant balloon but after opening windows worked great!!! Love it, great job Colman!!!! Everyone is wanting this tent now!!!!!!!!