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Bar-B-Q Grill Box w/ Hinged Lid - Covers 2 Burners
The Professional Double Grill box converts your stove into a powerful barbeque grill. The massive size of the Barbeque grill will out perform any portable grill you've used. With the patented diffuser plate you don't have to worry about hot spots. The diffuser captures and vaporizes the grease, infusing your food with a rich BBQ flavor. The cast iron grate offers restaurant-quality grilling. It comes with a vented hinged lid to seal in the flavor and a thermometer for accurate cooking. This grill accessory fits over both burners on the Explorer, Outdoorsman, Yukon, and Pro 60 stoves (EX, DL, or DB model stoves).
$193.90 / ea.
Bar-B-Q Grill Box w/Hinged Lid
From delicious grilled salmon to your favorite kabobs, grilled food always makes life a little better. This Professional Grill Box gives you the ability to grill your favorite foods to perfection, every time. It has been designed with Camp Chef’s patented heat diffuser system that minimizes hot spots and converts flames into infrared heat. This vaporizes grease drippings and infuses your food with the best, richest flavors. The pre-seasoned cast iron grilling surface holds and distributes heat evenly making your grilling experience even better.
$108.40 / ea.
Temporarily out of stock
BBQ Box Lid Thermometer
Takes out the guesswork of grilling outdoors. Monitor and regulate the temperature of your grill with this convenient thermometer. Attaches to any Sport Grill or barbecue box lid for precise temperature control.
$11.25 / ea.
BBQ Grill Box - Covers Left 2 Burners / Tahoe
Convert your stove into a powerful barbecue grill. This barbecue grill box is sure to win you over to Camp Chef's savory outdoor flavor. Features a reverse-louvered plate to vaporize grease drippings while distributing heat evenly over the cooking surface to create a more flavorful cooking experience. Cast iron grates offers restaurant-quality grilling. System covers two of the three burners on all Camp Chef 3 burner models: Expedition 3x, Tahoe, Big Gas Grill 3, GB, and TB models. Measures 15.75 x 24 inches.
$141.75 / ea.
Burner, Replacement 30,000 BTU / Camp Chef
The long stem aluminum burner is for most two or three burner stoves. Want to make your old stove lighter? Not only does this burner have the same amount of high power and performance as your old cast iron burner, it also takes a few extra pounds of your load.
$19.20 / ea.
Camp Table - Steel - 16^ x 38^

Three-sided windscreen
Removable/adjustable legs for storage
Fits folding side shelves (sold separately)
Perfect stand for cooking with Dutch ovens or legless outdoor stoves and ovens
$108.75 / ea.
Cast Iron Conditioner
This Conditioner is the best way to 'season' your cast iron Dutch ovens, grates, griddles or burners. Recommended by world champion Dutch oven chefs. Made of all-natural ingredients to protect your cast iron. It only takes a little of the mixture to properly care for your cast iron to ensure years of use. A must have for anyone who is serious about taking care of their cast iron.
$6.40 / ea.
Cast Iron Mountain Pie Maker * Double Square
Campfires just became more fun with these cast iron sandwich ovens. Simply insert a slice of bread, add your favorite filling, top with another bread slice and close the iron. Cook over a campfire flame, in the hot coals or over your Camp Chef burner. Fun and easy.
$19.90 / ea.
Cast Iron Mountain Pie Maker * Single Square
Campfires just became more fun with these cast iron sandwich ovens. Simply insert a slice of bread, add your favorite filling, top with another bread slice and close the iron. Cook over a campfire flame, in the hot coals or over your Camp Chef burner. Fun and easy.
$14.25 / ea.
Charcoal Lighter Basket
Light your charcoal quickly and easily with this Charcoal Lighter Basket.
Instructions for use:
For outdoor use only. Fill charcoal lighter basket half full with briquettes. Place basket over Camp Chef burner to light, or stuff crumpled newspaper under the basket grate and ignite over a dry, fire-resistant surface. Once tips of briquettes turn white, they are ready to cook with.
Chef's Apron
Camp Chef Black Apron is made of durable thick cotton, that has been sprayed with a water resistant agent. Features 2 large front pockets, long waist ties for all body types, knee length apron. Keep yourself clean and looking sharp with this apron. Every die-hard Camp Chef R' out there has got to have one of these.
$8.99 / ea.
Folding Side Shelves 16^ - Set of 2
Maximize your preparation space with these durable side shelves (includeds 2 shelves in box). Keep cooking utensils and seasonings close by. Side shelves fold to double as lid. Use the additional space for efficient outdoor cooking. It's like having a complete countertop right at the campsite. Fits new GB-90, TB-90, Expedition 3x, Tahoe, and SPG-70 models.
$47.99 / ea.
Fry Basket / Aluminum
Whether you love sea food or French fries this 2 pc. Quality aluminum deep fry pot is the perfect tool for boiling or frying lobster, clams or even chicken wings. Includes 10.5 qt. pot and handled basket.
$19.90 / ea.
Griddle - 3 Burners * 18 x 38
The 37 x 16 inch Deluxe Fry Griddle features restaurant style high sides and convenient grease drain. The heat skirt provides even heat distribution. This griddle comes with Camp Chef true-seasoned finish, it is ready to use right out of the box. A grease cup holder is included with the griddle. It fits over 3 burners on the SPG90, TB90, and GB90 Stoves.

$132.75 / ea.
Griddle - Steel * 13^ x 13^
Create delicious meals with ease, with this durable fry griddle. Its sloped sides make for less mess and the handle in front makes for easy transport. This 13x13 inch steel griddle fits Sport Utility Stove and most other camp stoves. Covers one burner.
$26.99 / ea.
Temporarily out of stock
Ignitor - Camp Chef
This universal igniter attaches to stove for fast, safe and easy lighting. Push-button spark lights one burner with ease. A must-have accessory. Ignites one burner. Not for use with Sport Utility Stoves.
$11.25 / ea.
Infusion Roaster (Turkey Cannon
Infuse moisture & flavor deep into your favorite poultry with the patented Turkey Cannon roasting cylinder. Great for ensuring juicy, tender chicken & turkey every time. Enjoy the flavor of your favorite wine, beer or soda in the grill or kitchen oven. Roast a 12-lb turkey in less than 2 hours!
Knob - Camp Chef
ThIs applicance style black control knob will fit on any of our current stoves and most of our older stoves. If you currently have and older lever style control you can now update your stove to these new style knobs when you buy our conversion kit. These black knobs will also work on the sport grill if you want to use them in place of the larger gray ones it currently comes with. This price is for one (1) knob.
$2.15 / ea.
Leg Extensions - 24^
Raise your cooking level with this four-leg set. Fits all newer model Camp Chef and Outdoor Cooker stoves that will take a 1.5" diameter leg. Adds 24 inches to the cooking height. Detachable design allows for easy table top cooking.
$20.65 / ea.
Lite - Grill Lite
Enjoying great food can now be enjoyed at any time, day or night. Camp Chef's flexible lamp is perfect for early morning breakfast feasts or late night cookouts. Cooking outdoors has never been so easy!

The Chef's Lite was recently highlighted by Cook's Illustratedr as a recommended addition to your outdoor camp stove.
$19.90 / ea.
Mesa Adj Camp Table - 48^ x 28^

Aluminum roll-top table
Powder-coated steel legs
Legs adjust table height from 27" - 39"
Collapsible, portable design
Middle support crossbar
Weather resistant carry bag
$116.25 / ea.
Mountain Man Grill
Everyone knows that food tastes better when cooked outside, but cook that food over an open fire and it will taste amazing. The Camp Chef Mountain Man Over Fire Grill and Griddle let you cook like mountain men, right over the fire. All you need to do is hammer the stake into the ground, place the griddle, grill and charcoal box onto the stake and you're ready to cook. Swivel the griddle and grill away from the heat when your food is finished cooking. You can use it over wood, charcoal or propane.
$111.75 / ea.
Patio Cover - Fits - TB90LW / SPG
This patio cover is made with weather resistant material, so you can rest assure that your stove will be protected from all the outdoor elements. Also, for extra wind protection, the covers are secured to the stove by a set of bungee cords and hooks. This cover comes in tan which will look great on the patio or at the base camp.


Weather-resistant liner
Bungee cords and hooks for wind protection
quality cover for patio or base camp

Dimensions: 42"x16.5"x14"
$23.99 / ea.
Temporarily out of stock
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