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Hot dogs, brats & onions, grilled sausages? You Betcha! The Dog n' Brat/Cornbread Cooker lets you cook 'em all over the fire while sealing in the juices. The cooking cavity holds 3 at a time. Cornbread and other quick breads are simple to make as well. With our cast iron design, you'll get the meat sizzling without being charred by the exposure of open flame.
3 5/8" x 6 ¬" Head, 30" overall length. Weight: 4.75 lbs
$27.35 / ea.
Basket Broiler
Our most accommodating model, everything stays in this 2«" deep adjustable basket. Deep enough for chicken and steaks, yet the adjustable depth also holds hot dogs and hamburgers. Extremely heavy-duty chrome wire basket is 9«" x 12", with an overall length of 29

9«" x 13" basket, 2«" depth, 29" overall length. chrome plated steel
$15.50 / ea.
Bread & Biscuit Stick
Make hot doughy treats over a campfire using store-bought refrigerated dough (the pop-open tube style) such as "buttermilk biscuits" and "crescent rolls." Just roll a "snake" of dough onto the breadstick in a corkscrew fashion. Hold over a fire turning slowly until the dough is golden brown on the outside & puffy on the inside. Slide dough off the stick & fill the cavity with jam, honey, butter, cheese etc... 38" overall length. Chrome plated steel rod, aluminum cooking stick and 21" extra long wood handle with leather hanging strap.

21" long wood handle, 38" overall length
$15.50 / ea.
Camp Bread Baker
Rome's bread baker is a unique cast iron cooking device which allows you to bake a wide variety of quick or leavened breads in only 10 minutes. To us, simply butter the cavity and fill half way with dough and cook over a moderatly hot fire. Also great for cooking wraps, roll-ups and burritos.
12" long x 1½" deep cooking cavity. 30" overall length
$26.20 / ea.
Camp Cooker
"• Toasts sandwiches and grills meat over a campfire, bar-b-que or fireplace
• Nonstick, easy-to-clean surface
• 2-part hinge
• Sturdy cast aluminum construction
• 17.6-in.-long handle
• Basket Dimensions: 5 x 5 in."
$14.25 / ea.
Camp Grate - 12^ x 28^
Our largest grill grate is perfect for group camping and makes the perfect cooking surface on a rock ring campfire. Also works with a variety of backyard firepits.

12" x 28 " surface. chromeplated steel
$18.60 / ea.
Camp Grill - 11^ x 10 1/2^ w/ 12^ Legs
A nice folding grill when space and weight is not a concern. Thinner gauge metal saves on weight and price, but does not compromise overall quality. Chrome plated steel construction. Legs fold for storage.

16" x 11" surface, 12" legs. chromeplated steel
$15.50 / ea.
Camp Grill - Deluxe
"• Folded dimensions: 24 x 12 x 0.6 in.
• Grill legs are 6.3 in. high
• Nickel-plated steel construction
• Folds flat for compact storage"
$10.45 / ea.
Camp Ring Grill - 24 1/2^ Diameter
A solid cooking surface designed to fit the 24" dia. truck rims that many campgrounds use for fire rings. Also works with a wide variety of backyard firepits. Made from heavy-duty chrome wire, our camp ring provides a clean, solid surface for grilling.

24«" dia grill with 3 heavy crossbars. chromeplated steel
$21.55 / ea.
Extension Fork / 21^ to 32^
Nice hardwood handle on this sturdy hot dog fork that extends from 21" to 32". A convenient pack away item for the camper.

21 -32 " length, chrome plated steel w/wood handle
$3.65 / ea.
Fork - 22^  Colored Wooden Handle
These fresh and vibrant forks are perfect for summertime get togethers. Forks have turned wood handles in 4 different primary colors for a distinctive cottage retro look. S'more making here we come! 22" overall length. Chrome plated steel with wood handle and loop leather strap.
$2.30 / ea.
Grate - 24^ x 12 1/2^
This strong grate is perfect for campers and canoeists who want the benefits of a sturdy camp grill without the added weight of the legs. Heavy steel bars are chrome plated for durability. A classic design that has been tested again and again. From the RV park to the Yukon.

24" x 12«" surface, 12" legs. chromeplated steel
$18.40 / ea.
Grill - 24^ x 12 1/2^ w/ 12^ Legs
Four heavy-duty support bars hold cook sets, pots and pans without warping. Crossbars are spaced close for cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, etc... directly on the grill. Permanently attached and rigidly braced legs fold flat for storage.

24" x 12«" surface, 12" legs. chromeplated steel
$25.10 / ea.
Grill - Graber Grill * 15^ x 22^
The adjustable grill for easy campfire cooking!
Only 2 pieces, No complex setup required,
Unlimited height adjustment, Full 360 degree rotation, Nickel-chrome finish is safe for all foods, Mesh surface prevents food from falling through grill, Excellent as a cooking surface for pans & kettles, Stores easily.

Cooking Area: 16" x 24"

$80.65 / ea.
Grill Basket
The tight fitting edges of this grill basket coupled with a small grid pattern makes it easier to cook your favorite foods without everything falling into the fire. Basket cooking depth is 1«" with 8" x 11" dimensions. Overall length is 29". Made from chrome plated wire.

8" x 11" basket, 1«" depth, 29" overall length. chrome plated steel
$13.95 / ea.
Hamburger Basket ( 6 Up )
Siz wire "ockets" for easily grilling burgers, chops & crab cakes.. anything that's about 1" thick. 9" X 13" basket, overall length 29". Made from chrome plated wire.

9" x 13" basket, 1" depth, 29" overall length. chrome plated steel
$12.40 / ea.
Hot Dog Roaster * 29^
Hinged steel cooker holds 4 hot dogs without poking a hole in the meat. This is a nice way to keep the juice inside the casing if you're cooking old fashioned weenies or natural brats.
$6.95 / ea.
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