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Griddle - Aluminum
Full size griddle with spacious 100 surface Non stick coated die cast aluminum for easy clean up Interchangeable with Fold N GoT Accessory Stove Grate (Sold separately) Made exclusively for the Colemanr Fold N GoT Grill model numbers 2000002027, 2000001494, and 2000001493. Not compatible with Road Trip Series Grills Limited 1 year warranty Made in China
$26.15 / ea.
Griddle - Cast Iron - RoadTrip
Mix and match griddle with RoadTripr grill, stove grate or another griddle for the perfect tailgate spread
Heavy-duty, porcelain-coated cast-iron contruction is easy to clean and durable
Compatible with Colemanr grills - Models 9941 and 9949
Portable grill accessory allows endless meal ideas - for breakfast, lunch and dinner Approximately 12" x 12" and weights 7 pounds Not compatible with 9928 Road Trip Pro Series Grills m
ade in ChinaProduct
$31.50 / ea.
Griddle Accessory, Full Size RoadTrip
Spacious 285-square-inch cooking surface
Cook a variety of meals to perfections - omelets to fajitas
Convenient non-stick coating for easy cleanup
Built-in grease reservoir
Compatible with all RoadTripr grills (except 9928 Pro Series) and PowerPackT stoves
$50.60 / ea.
Grill - Cast Iron -  For Roadtrip
Mix and match grill with griddle, stove grate or another grill
Heavy duty easy-to-clean with soft brush
Porcelain-coated, cast-iron materials ensure a long life for the product
Open-flame grilling prepares meats to perfection
For use with 9949 series and 9941 series RoadTripr Grills.
Not compatible with 9928 Road Trip Pro Series Grills.
Made in China
$33.05 / ea.
Grill Cover
Heavy-duty materials resist cracking and fading for durable grill cover
Full-length protective cover shields grill from the elements
Versatile cover fits all propane-powered RoadTrip grills
Sturdy, adjustable straps secure cover during windy conditions
Made in China
$29.95 / ea.
Stove Grate - RoadTrip
Mix and match grate with RoadTripr griddle, grill or another stove grate for the perfect tailgate spread
Durable chrome-plated steel wire construction
Perfect for simmering sauces, cooking soups or boiling vegetables for any meal Compatible with Colemanr grill models 9941 and 9949. Not compatible with 9928 Road Trip Pro Series Grills.
Portable stove grate accessory allows endless meal ideas - for breakfast, lunch and dinner Made in China
$15.95 / ea.
Super Tong Combo - 16^
It's hard to find faults with a bbq tool as useful as the SuperTong Combo. Bottom half is a spatula which slides under the food while the top half is a tong to grip it.
Stainless Steel spatula, chrome plated tong.
16" overall length

16" length, stainless spatulta, chome plated tong
$5.25 / ea.
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