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Lantern Hanger / With chain
Whether it’s fuel or battery-powered, the Coleman® Lantern Hanger can hold your bail-handled camp light. The chain wraps tightly around trees, limbs and posts, and the support pegs give extra stability when you set the lantern on the hook. The hanger is easy to use and safe for trees.
$3.90 / ea.
Lantern Reflector
Adjustable size fits most Coleman lantern with bail handle

Reflects light toward desired area
$11.55 / ea.
Lantern Spark Ignitor
Fits most Coleman Lanterns
One Spare Flint
Match-Free lighting
Flints replaceable with ordinary lighter variety
$3.20 / ea.
Lantern Stand - Multi Purpose
Great for hanging battery or fuel lanterns
Telescopes to over 7 feet
Carry case for transporting and storing
Made of durable steel and aluminum
$25.20 / ea.
Showing 1 - 16 of 16