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Blue Flame Heater w/ T-stat - 30,000 BTU
This heater is a propane fired, vent free, blue flame heater that produces 30,000 BTU's of efficient and comfortable heat. This safe, clean-burning heater has a five setting heat control, low oxygen shut off sensor and burns 99.9% efficient. This unit is easily installed as a wall mount unit or as a free standing unit with the included feet kit.

30000 btu's/hour
Heats up to 1000 sq feet
Includes factory installed blower fan and thermostat
If you are planning to use the fan you must locate the heater near an electrical outlet. The fan does require electricity if you want to use it.
Battery operated electronic ignition
Dimensions 23.5"W x 24"H x 8"D
31 lbs
Some states prohibit the use of unvented heaters. Check local regulations. Cannot be sold in California.

Use in

Recreation Rooms
Room Additions
Enclosed Porches

This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty!
Temporarily out of stock
$303.00 / ea.
Cabinet Heater - 18,000 BTU / Lo-Med-Hi
Ready To Use - Hose and Regulator Included

Mr Heater Portable Propane Radiant Cabinet Heater Easy To Use - 20 lb Tank Rests Securely In Cabinet

Mr Heater Portable Propane Radiant Cabinet Heater Rugged Durable Steel Construction

Mr Heater Portable Propane Radiant Cabinet Heater Tip Over and Low Oxygen Safety Shutoffs

Mr Heater Portable Propane Radiant Cabinet Heater Easy Roll Casters
$172.50 / ea.
MH4B Portable Little Buddy Heater 3,800 BTU

Note: Different models required for California and Canada due to local regulations.
CSA certified for indoor use
One button ignition/on function
Accidental tip-over safety shutoff
Oxygen depletion sensor
Heats up to 100 sq. ft.
Connects directly to one1 lb. disposable cylinder
$86.70 / ea.
Weed Dragon
Burns Weeds and Stumps
Warehouses and Factories
Parking Lots
Melts Ice and Snow
Parks and Farms
CSA certified
Temporarily out of stock
$47.95 / ea.
Showing 1 - 23 of 23