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Why Heat with Wood?

It's a renewable energy resource

Renewable means you don't run out. Renewable means you don't deplete the earth's resources. Wood is energy from the sun, stored by the tree as it grows. When you burn wood you are releasing this stored energy. In the dark of winter, it's like having a bit of summer sun on your hearth.

Here is a link to 10 Good reasons to heat with wood.

Wood Stoves and Inserts

Jotul, Regency and Harman Wood Stoves. Below are some of the differences of the 3 top brands. This will help you choose the correct brand for your home.



F55 Jotul Wood Stove      Jotul F370 Wood Stove      Jotul C550 Wood Insert


Models that last for generations! Our Jotul Wood Stove products are timeless link between past and present and have their natural place in modern residential architecture. They are based on the Norwegian cast iron crafts and functional, modern design that is both innovative and at the same time resistant to short-term trends. Read more on the Jotul website.


Regency S2400 Wood Stove      I2400 Wood Insert      Regency CI2600 Wood Insert
Regency products are proudly made locally in North America. We use only the finest materials in our manufacturing facilities; taking pride in building a reliable, quality product. Our state of the art facility spans over 240,000 square feet and is constantly being upgraded with the latest tools of the trade. Our commitment to quality is practiced at every step of the process, including a final inspection before anything is approved for shipment. Read more on the regency website.


Harman Oakwood          TL300 Wood Stove        TL2.6 Harman Wood Stove
Harman™ FireDome technology maximizes efficiency and extends burn times—for up to 17 hours of even heat with each load of wood. Two combustion cycles completely burn the wood, smoke and exhaust. FireDome also keeps the viewing area clean by directing airflow between the glass and the fire.Considering a wood stove? Educate yourself to help you find the stove that will keep you warm but not toast you out of the house. Watch a video here. Harman Firedome Video

Clink on the link for helpful information on burning wood.

Click on the links to below to see the models of each brand. With each company having new products you may not find the exact unit you are looking for. We can get or do have anything from Jotul, Regency, Harman and Legacy Stoves.


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