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1L Aluminum Hydration Bottle
"• Quick flip tab allows hands-free access to drinking straw
• Fits in most cup holders and fitness equipment
• Wide-mouth opening accommodates most ice cubes
• Reusable bottles are a responsible, environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated
• Dimensions: 3.2 x 10.5 in"
$8.25 / ea.
^Bake up cinnamon rolls, muffins and corn bread or
"• Bake up rolls, cinnamon rolls, corn bread and other treats at the campsite
• Keep your cooking warm until your group gets back
• Warms up over Coleman® camp stoves
• 10 sq. in. (64.52 sq. cm) rack adjusts to three cooking heights
• Folds flat for convenient, space-saving storage
• Easy-to-read thermometer
• Smooth and easy to clean, corrosion-resistant aluminized steel finish also resists scuffs
• 13.5 in. x 12.9 in. x 3.3 in. (34.3 cm x 32.7 cm x 8.3 cm)
• Not recommended for use on grills
• 1-year limited warranty
• Made in China "
$42.90 / ea.
Big Game Quarter Bags - 48 x 12 - 4pack
The Economy Big Game Quarter Bags are 48? x 12? and made of lightweight, breathable material. The quarter bags will kelp keep your meat clean and protected from insects. Recommended for elk and caribou. Made in the USA. Pack of 4 quarter bags.
$13.80 / ea.
Camp Wagon
"• Great for camping, groceries, home projects, or going to the park and beach
• Accordion folding design
• Telescoping handle and swivel front wheels
• Rugged polyester bin
• Strong steel frame
• Removable reinforced bottom
• Holds up to 5 cu. ft.
• Supports up to 150 lbs.
• Carry bag included
• 1-year limited warranty"
$131.90 / ea.
Carry Case / For 5430, 5433, 5435, 5469
"• 2 drawstring propane pouches easily carry extra fuel (sold separately)
• Rugged, PVC-coated polyester construction helps protect your stove
• Strong, comfortable web handle for easier carrying and extra portability
• Durable zipper easily secures your stove
• Fits Coleman® 2-burner stoves up to 20.4 x 12 x 4.5 in."
$33.35 / ea.
Celestron Elements ThermoCharge

Stay warm on the trail and keep your portable electronic devices fully charged with the ThermoCharge power pack and hand warmer. ThermoCharge heats up quickly and reaches a maximum of 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). The 4400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides up to an impressive 6 hours of continuous heat on a full charge.

ThermoCharge delivers a full charge most smart phones, MP3 players, cameras and many other USB-powered devices.

Unlike single-use chemical hand warmers, ThermoCharge is safe, scent-free and rechargeable. Just plug it into any USB charging port. A rugged aluminum housing and protective silicone caps make ThermoCharge perfect for your next cold-weather excursion.
$34.95 / ea.
Celestron Elements WindGuide
A water resistant anemometer that shows wind speed, average wind speed, max wind speed, temperature, Beaufort scale of wind (0-12) with thermometer and wind chill indicator.
$37.95 / ea.
Cooking Kit - 3 / Adj 12^ to 32^
"• Includes 3 extendable cooking forks
• Telescoping design extends from 12 to 32 in.
• Soft, comfortable silicone grips
• Rust-resistant, stainless steel construction"
$13.05 / ea.
Dry Gear Bag 23 x 12.5
"• Reinforced, waterproof material helps protect contents from wet conditions
• Easy-to-use quick release buckle for one-handed opening
• Rounded base for more space to fit gear
• Lash tabs for hanging extra gear or securing the bag
• Dimensions: 20.5 x 10.5 in."
$6.30 / ea.
Field Dressing Gloves, 1pr Wrist, 1pr Shoulder
The Field Dressing Gloves set from Allen includes wrist length latex gloves and shoulder length gloves to protect your expensive hunting gear from stains and mess, as well as protecting you against infectious disease.

The wrist length gloves are tight fitting for knife control when doing tedious and delicate work, like removing your favorite cuts of meat. The shoulder length gloves protect clothing from mess and stain while keeping you dry and clean.
$2.80 / ea.
Griddle - Cast Iron - RoadTrip
"• Swaptop™ RoadTrip® compatible (stove grate, aluminum grill grate, cast iron grill grate, aluminum griddle, full size griddle sold separately)
• Spacious 142 sq. in. cooking area
• Durable, porcelain-coated cast iron construction is easy to clean
• Fits Coleman® RoadTrip® Grills"
$34.30 / ea.
Hunter Deluxe Big Game Quarter Bags - 4 pack
The Hunter Quarter Bag is a heavyweight, breathable cloth bag designed to keep your meat clean and protect it from insects. Made in the USA, this 12 x 48 bag is recommended for deer, sheep, and antelope.
$21.10 / ea.
Hunter Field Dressing Bag - 1 Pack
The Hunter Field Dressing Bag is a 12 x 72 heavyweight, breathable cloth bag that helps keep meat clean and protects it from insects. This Made in the USA bag fits around one skinned deer carcass. 1 dressing bag.
$7.99 / ea.
Hunter Quarter Bag 1 Pack 12 x 48
The Hunter Quarter Bag is a heavyweight, breathable cloth bag designed to keep your meat clean and protect it from insects. Made in the USA, this 12 x 48 bag is recommended for deer, sheep, and antelope.
$8.05 / ea.
Magnesium Fire Starter
"• Pocket-sized for compact carrying
• Included knife to shave off magnesium and flint
• Fireproof and waterproof in whole form"
$7.50 / ea.
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