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2 Person Dinnerware Set

Product ID: 2000016406

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$12.70 / ea.
"• Polyethylene dinnerware and polystyrene utensils for use season after season
• Dishwasher-safe on the top rack for one-step clean-up
• Two 10-in. plates, two 6-in. bowls, two 12-oz. handled mugs and two 3-piece utensil sets
• Includes mesh storage bag"
Dinnerware set for two: (2) plates, (2) bowls, (2) mugs, (2) 3-piece utensil sets
Black mesh bag with drawstring and cord lock included for storage and dip-cleaning
Top rack dishwasher safe
Dishes and utensils made of durable plastic
Red or black colors available, specific color cannot be ordered
High density polyethylene dishes:
Plate: 9.84 in. diameter x 0.87 in. height (250 mm diameter x 22 mm height)
Bowl: 7.64 in. diameter x 1.44 in. height (194 mm. diameter x 36.5 mm. height)
Mug: 3.19 in. diameter x 3.76 in. height (handle not included in measurement) (81 mm. diameter x 95.5 mm. height
Polystyrene utensils:
Fork: (L x W x H ) 6.92 in. x 1.09 in. x 1.17 in. (175.7 mm. x 27.6 mm. x 29.7 mm.)
Knife: (L x W x H ) 7.44 in. x 0.79 in. x 0.21 in. (189 mm. x 20 mm. x 5.2 mm.)
Spoon: (L x W x H ) 6.44 in. x 1.32 in. x 1.09 in. (163.5 mm. x 33.5 mm. x 27.6 mm.)
Nylon mesh bag with drawstring and cord lock
Carry Bag: (L x W) 11.81 in. x 10.24 in. (300mm. x 260mm.)
13 pieces
Made in China