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DVC-500 Direct Vent Coal Stove / w Black Door

Product ID: 1-90-08600-1

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The Harman DVC-500 Direct Vent Coal Stoker is incredibly smart and efficient. It comes standard with a computer on board which makes constant adjustments to the fuel consumed and to the heat driven into the room through the blower.

With a low setting of 7,000 BTUs, this is a stoker that doesn't drive you out of the room with too much power. But come January, comfort is assured with a house-heating maximum of 75,000 BTUs. The DVC-500 is right for your home, regardless of the weather.

You get a whopping 93-pound hopper with the DVC-500. On low, that's enough room for one load of quality anthracite coal to last at least four days without reloading. Even during winter at its worst, this stoker will run for days. You also get an oversized ash pan large enough to handle an entire hopper's worth of coal. This means that you don't have to empty more times than you reload.

The DVC-500 is a true direct vent coal stove, the first of its kind, and does not require a chimney for installation or operation. It is extremely safe and airtight, obtaining 100 percent of the air needed for the fire from outside your home and returning 100 percent of the exhaust air back outside.

You can't get a more airtight coal stove than the DVC-500. The exhaust motor returns used air to the outside the same way, ensuring that your home stays clean and safe. In addition, there is a powerful blower dedicated solely for distributing heat through the stove and into your home.


Fuel: Rice Coal
BTU Range: 7,000 to 75,000
Heating Capacity: 2,200 sq ft
Hopper Capacity: 93 lbs
Blower Size: 135 cfm
Flue Size: 4 inches
Weight: 455 lbs
Depth: 29 inches
Height: 40-3/4 inches
Width: 25-3/4 inches
Wattage: 295 Watts
Testing: Safety Testing (by Warnock Hersey):
ASTM E1509
Mobile Home-Approved
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The Room Temperature Mode lets you install a small sensing probe in the room and maintain a constant temperature without needing to install a wall thermostat. The Stove Temperature Mode gives you a constant heat output. The burn rate lets you turn down the burn rate for longer times between fuel refills or up for maximum heat output.